Gas prices continue to drop in Florida as coronavirus curbs travel

Fuel prices in Florida continue to drop, with regular unleaded gasoline now costing less than $2 a gallon at 90 percent of the pumps, according to the AAA auto club.

The average price of regular unleaded is $1.90 a gallon, down 40 cents from last month and 80 cents from a year ago.

AAA spokesman W.D. Williams said demand for fuel of all types has dropped dramatically over the past month as the coronavirus has reduced traveling.

“Florida drivers are observing the social isolating concepts, so driving is about 50 percent of where it is normally,” Williams said.

Prices will likely increase quickly whenever coronavirus fears and stay-at-home orders are rescinded, Williams said.

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Florida’s highest-priced gas is currently found in the Gainesville market, with the cheapest fuel found in Jacksonville. 

“Gasoline pricing still hasn’t caught up with the very low crude oil pricing,” Williams said. “We expect gasoline prices in Florida to continue dropping this coming week, down to the $1.80’s. In fact, there are some stations that you’ll be able to find gas in the $1.60’s this week, if you shop around a little bit.”

The News Service of Florida contributed to this report.