Gas pump skimmers keep popping up across Bay Area

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The Circle K on South MacDill is the latest in a long line to fall prey to the gas station skimmers. On Wednesday, skimmers were found on pumps 2, 4 and 6. 

They are same ones used by Phyllis Henderson on her way to work.

”That's scary I wouldn't have used that pump,” Henderson said.

Statewide there has been a skimmer spike in 2017. 

The Department of Agriculture reportedly found 613 of the devices this year that is up from 219 last year.

”Apparently it is an easy thing for crooks we put out the warnings on a fairly regular basis but you have to be very careful,” said Tampa Police representative Steve Hegarty.

Remember to always check the pump closely to see if a skimmer may be installed.  

“Maybe jiggle it a little bit if it doesn't feel secure or doesn't look like the others then there's something wrong,” Hegarty said.