Gasparilla bead supplier celebrates 10 years

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Throwing beads has been a Gasparilla parade tradition since the 80s and a Tampa-based company is celebrating a decade of supplying strands of pirate treasure. 

Jennifer Hauanio works for Buccaneer Beads. She said they sell millions every year, just for the festival. 

"I already brought in four trucks, which in over 100,000 beads and that won't be our first order or our last," Hauanio explained. "Nobody want's to throw candy anymore and they have to have beads." Jennifer said.

The variety of beads seems endless, so how does one choose? 

"Your number one seller are the pink pearls," Jennifer said. "Everyone tells me the girls like them the most."

Local Krewe member, Anthony Staianl was shopping for beads while FOX 13 News was visiting Buccaneer Beads. He gave insight into his yearly purchase. 

"I just bought 10 dozen." Anthony said. "I will go through most of those in the day parade."

Another shopper, Roman Diaz aka Captain Bones was looking for a special strand of beads.

"Any kind of football mixed with skeleton; pirate, mixed with red; and pewter and black," Captian Bones said.

Selling pirate treasure to Krewes for the fun to come is what makes work fun for the Buccanneer Beads Krewe. 

"Happy Gasprilla! 'Tis the season," Jennifer exclaimed.