Get back to nature at a Hillsborough County park

If getting outdoors is your thing, or if basking in the green spaces of natural Florida appeals to you, then Hillsborough County's Parks and Recreation Department has more options for you than ever.

Right in the middle of the busy Citrus Park area are the Rocky Creek Trails Nature Preserves.

"It's really important for people to have access to the outdoors," shared Rebecca Winch, an environmental technician with Hillsborough County. "They (the preserves) are great places for hiking and bird watching."

Rocky Creek Trails is 16-acres of land that has been restored to what Florida used to look like. 

"These places are great spots for people to see wildlife, to get them in touch with nature," Winch explained.

That wildlife and nature is important to the county and is part of the intentional design behind each nature preserve.

"This is going to be part of a proposed greenway,” Winch said. “That is areas of green spaces that connect to one another.”

The desired result will allow safe woodland areas for wildlife to live in and travel through in addition to visitors being able to experience that same wildlife habitat.

 "Most of our preserves are open right now," said Winch. "Please come out and enjoy them!"

The Rocky Creek Trails located at 7415 Manhattan Drive in Tampa. Click here to learn more. 

Click here for a complete listing of the Hillsborough County nature preserves.