Get sassy with salsa that has no preservatives, is gluten free and vegan friendly

Tampa Bay’s Missey Rodriguez is putting her work with the American Embassy State Department in West Africa in a way you might not imagine. 

While in Africa in 1994, she and her colleagues could not find a salsa that tasted like it did back home in the states. That lead her to create Aunt Missey’s Sassy Salsa. 

Missey took matters into her own hands and started experimenting with ingredients, which brought Missey to her finished product: Aunt Missey’s Sassy Salsa. 

When Missey returned home to the states, her friends and family insisted she bring her creation to the masses. After taking her their advice, Missey then went on to sell her salsa to local businesses and markets. 

Missey said the very first thing people notice about her salsa is how fresh it tastes. 

Missy says she buys the vegetables for her homemade salsa locally and she makes it without preservatives.

The salsa comes in three flavors: regular, spicy and inferno. Each 16-ounce jar has only 80 calories.

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