Giraffe outgrows home; needs winter shelter

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Nevada's only giraffe that can paint needs help to stay warm this winter. 

Ozzy Picasso is a 2-year-old giraffe best known for his painting skills. He lives at the Lion Habitat Ranch, along with 50 other animals. 

But, Ozzy had quite the growth-spurt-- he grew 5 feet in the past year alone. Now, his shelter is too small for him and he has no way of keeping warm as winter approaches and temperatures drop. 

The nonprofit ranch where Ozzy lives is scrambling to raise enough money to build the artistic giraffe a new shelter that can accommodate him as he continues to grow. He's expected to reach 18 feet tall within the next two years. 

But a big shelter comes with a big price tag. The ranch is trying to raise $20,000 for Ozzy. That money will go towards medical care, food, and a new home to protect him from the winter weather. 

Lawrence Pfieffer of the Lion Habitat Ranch said, "Who doesn't want to help animals? Who doesn't want to help these beautiful things? Because they depend on us and they're safe here. Totally safe and loved."