Girl, 6, shoots first buck under new Wisconsin hunting law

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A six-year-old in Wisconsin took advantage of the state’s new deer hunting law when she shot and killed her first buck on Sunday, November 19.

The law, signed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on November 12, lets hunters of any age carry a weapon as long as they’re accompanied by an adult.

Six-year-old Lexie Harris bagged her first buck while hunting with her father on November 19.

Her father, Tyler, said Lexi shot the buck from 60 yards away.

In a post on Facebook, Tyler said the two they were in day-two of their hunting trip when Lexie set her sights on the 6-point buck.

"After seeing 5 bucks yesterday and a handful of fawns this buck came in this morning and cooperated long enough for Lex to get set up and make a good shot," he wrote. "The 300 Blackout got it done for her."

Tyler also said Lexie smiled "ear to ear" about her accomplishment.