Girlfriend testifies she does not believe Ritchie killed 9-year-old

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A girlfriend of Granville Ritchie testified for the prosecution Monday.

Kellisa Kelley and Ritchie's relationship predates the death of 9-year-old Felicia Williams and continues to this day.

“I’m still his friend,” she said.

Kelley’s Lexus was at the center of much of the conversation Monday. Prosecutors believe, unbeknownst to Kelley, Ritchie was using her car when Williams’ body was dumped from the Courtney Campbell causeway.

“In your car, did he have a suitcase with travel items?” the prosecutor asked.

“Yes,” Kelley replied.

Richie is facing the death penalty if convicted of killing the 9-year-old. He is accused of raping and killing her in May 2014. 

Before an objection, Kelley signaled she does not believe Ritchie killed Felicia.

“You also presumed him innocent of the allegations?” Ritchie’s defense asked. 

“Correct,” she replied. 

A DNA expert also testified Monday, however, the results did not appear to conclusively point to Granville Ritchie.