Give Fido what his heart desires this Christmas

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Deck the dogs with bow-wows of holly - from treats you can share to leashes that light up, pleasing the dog lover in your life is easy and affordable this holiday season. 

For many dog parents, their furry friends are family. 

Dog owner Corey Evans says his dog gets his own Christmas gifts, and his human friends know how to stay on his nice list.

"People are like, 'What do you want?' and I'm like, 'Dog stuff,'" Evans said.

The American Pet Products Association found Americans spend almost $63 billion a year pets. We found some of the new and popular items driving that number.

First up - light up your leash. Joe Hassan, CEO of Nitey Leash, demonstrates how it works.

"You flip the button once, again, and it's in blinking mode," he described of the light-up leash.

For $25 and three AAA batteries, this stocking stuffer-sized gift could save a life.

"The idea came about my friend Betty was running with her dog at night time and her dog was almost hit by a car," Hassan says.

It illuminates from end to end letting drivers spot you.

"We use one LED light in the handle that shines a fiber optic down the tube so it's wire-free; no wires that can break," Hassan said.

They're available on Amazon, at Sam’s Club, and at local pet stores like The Modern Paws, where the owners say this is their busiest season.

"Accessories are the biggest thing. Surprisingly sweaters are a big thing for us. Being a part of a family is what it's all about," says Lisa Prakobkit, owner of The Modern Paws.

If a sweater isn't your pooch's thing, how about matching family PJs? Just search "matching family pjs, plus dog" online and the options are amazing.

Or,  what if we told you instead of leaving out cookies for Santa, dog biscuits would do? The new trend in treats is sharing. 

Any dog owner knows that you sometimes wind up sharing your snacks with your pet but would you try their food?

Shareables are human-grade treats.

We tried them. We're not scared. One for the dog, one for the reporter.

The verdict? The coconut, sesame seed, and craisin combination made it taste just like a health food store kind of cookie.

When it comes to more traditional treats - just for dogs - think about getting something long-lasting to get more bang for your five or ten bucks.

Go with rubber, like the Hurley, or just heavy duty like the Alca bone.

"This is our most popular chew. It's made by a local company here in Tampa. It is beef bone marrow wrapped in chicken breasts on the outside," says Lisa Prakobkit.

And all natural is all the rage, like the No Hide chew - which doesn't have the chemicals that raw hide can.

If you're concerned about your dog eating healthy, there are now smart collars and doggie fitness trackers, running in the $50 to $100 range.

And there are cameras that let you interact with your pets when you're away, or even toss them a treat via the device, like the Furbo, for around $160.

For $300, Clever Pet Hub makes your dog solve puzzles for food to stimulate its mind.

But for just $25, the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster shoots a ball up to 50 feet in the air. So you can relax and enjoy a dog treat.