Go inside -- and above -- the Fox Squirrel Corn Maze in Plant City

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You don’t have to go far if you’re looking for some fall fun.  Fox Squirrel Corn Maze in Plant City, a short 30-minute drive out Interstate 4 from downtown Tampa, sports a pumpkin patch, hay ride, a number of craft vendors, pumpkin slingshot, corn box, and yes, a “corn” maze.  

Why is corn in quotes you ask?  Well, the plants that make the maze are actually a variety of sorghum – a flowering plant in the grass family.  

“We decided to call it a corn maze so people visiting from out of state would know what the activity is,” explained Fox Squirrel Corn Maze co-owner Carson Futch.

However the fun is the same.  Venture into the maze under the “Enter Heer” sign and try to find the “Eggs-It.”  No map.  No directional signs.  Only your wits and a few good guesses will get you out.

You can experience all they have to offer every Saturday and Sunday through October 28.  They are located at 3002 Charlie Taylor Road, Plant City, FL 33566 and open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.