Golden moments as twin monkeys born at wildlife park

A wildlife park in New South Wales, Australia, is celebrating a double dose of joy with the birth of adorable twin golden lion tamarins six weeks ago.

In a video released by Symbio WIldlife Park on October 14, the happy parents, Jari and Aurelio, showed off their offspring to the world. The six-week-old twins weigh just 70 grams. Their sex was not yet known.

A Symbio spokesman said: "The babies are very inquisitive and are going from strength-to-strength with every passing day with the help of their loving parents and doting zookeepers.

“Having just started eating solid food, [the twins’] parents are also cautious that at feeding time they are not biting off more than they can chew. As you can see in the video, [they] are quick to take the food away from their mouths if they get a piece that is too big.”