Good Samaritan pulls driver from sinking truck after crash in Winter Haven

Seeing two vehicles crash will rattle just about anyone, but a Winter Haven, Florida man "didn't even think about it," when he jumped into a pond Thursday night to help rescue a driver from a sinking truck. 

The good Samaritan is being credited with saving the driver's life.

Around 8:30 p.m., Keegan Knaak was driving around Lake Silver in Winter Haven when he saw a police cruiser and a Chevy Avalanche crash into each other. Police say the truck turned directly into the officer’s path. 

The impact sent the Avalanche into the lake.  

“The cop was like, ‘Hey, the guy's still in the car,’ so I turned around, jumped into the lake,” Knaak recalled. “I waded out a little bit and swam the rest of the way.”

Knaak, weighed down by his clothes and work boots, was able to pull 71-year-old James McGee from the sinking truck. He said there were just seconds to spare.

“He had about four inches of breathing room,” he told FOX 13.

The Winter Haven Police Department issued a statement to FOX 13, acknowledging Knaak for his bravery.

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“Once again, our citizens ran in to help when they saw another person in distress. We are so thankful for people like Mr. Knaak and so many others who don’t hesitate to help,” the statement said.

Knaak says he’s not ready to be called a hero.  

“I jumped in and helped somebody. I’m not a hero. I did what anybody should do,” he said.

Both drivers are said to have only minor injuries. McGee of the truck was cited for failure to yield at an intersection.