Good Samaritan run over by man he tried to help

The last act of a lifelong Good Samaritan in Plant City was to try to help another driver Wednesday, before that very driver accidentally ran him over, killing him.

Plant City police said Gregory Johnson, Sr., had pulled over on E. Park Road to help Juan Oquendo load some bags of mulch into his van.

Johnson, 63, asked Oquendo to back up his vehicle a little. Oquendo put it into reverse, but when he tried to stop, he hit the accelerator instead of the brake, running over Johnson.

"It was just a total shock," said Dorothy Ann Johnson, Gregory Johnson's wife of 30 years. "He died doing the things that he loved to do. He liked helping people and that was just him and he would give you the shirt off his back."

Dorothy Ann Johnson said it's all still sinking in, but she already misses the little things her husband would do.

"I will miss him because I never had to iron my clothes. He would iron all my clothes," she said. "I'm standing on my belief. I have my faith in God and he's holding me up right now because I have two children and I have to be strong for them."

The family of Oquendo, 70, told FOX 13 the accident gave him a heart attack and he was in the hospital recovering late Thursday.

Oquendo's grandson, Elis Oquendo, said his family is wracked with guilt.

"Really emotional. Everybody has been crying all day yesterday, still crying today," he said, adding he hopes the Johnson family hears the message they have for them. "Just really know that we really do care, that we're here for them. We're real sorry about what happened."

Dorothy Ann said she's already forgiveness and is finding some comfort for herself, knowing what her husband's last act was.

"We will know that his death was not in vain because he was doing what he liked to do," she said.

The Johnson family is raising money online to help cover funeral expenses.

Plant City police said, at this point, they do not plan on charging Oquendo.