Grassroots group hopes to take next steps toward incorporating Siesta Key

Save Siesta Key is working on efforts to incorporate their island community.

"We just feel like we’ve been ignored over the years. No matter how many times we fill a room with hundreds of people, either in support of something or against it, we seem to not be heard," shared Jodie Tierney.

Backed-up traffic, high-density hotels and hotel houses are just a part of the problem.

People like Tierney, who live on Siesta Key, say Sarasota County ignores their concerns. They hope incorporation can help them.

"We feel like we are at a point where this is our only option," stated Tierney.

The grassroots group Save Siesta Key wants to incorporate.

The grassroots group Save Siesta Key wants to incorporate.

Last year, many were disappointed as a board of local lawmakers failed to pass the next steps toward incorporation.

Now, a recent straw poll with 41% of residents participating, shows 87% favor incorporation.

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"The support was overwhelming. Now, the advocates for incorporation really feel like they can point to some hard numbers to show that this is something people are interested in pursuing," said Representative Fiona McFarland.

Representative Fiona McFarland said she will support residents.

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Three other delegates will vote, including Senator Joe Gruters, Representatives James Buchanan and Michael Grant.

If the local delegation votes in favor, Representative McFarland will file a bill with the Florida Legislature.

If it passes and Governor Ron DeSantis signs off, it will head to a special election, where Siesta Key residents will have the final say.

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"We will take our vote on Thursday. I don’t know how that vote will go. I’m certainly hoping we vote in favor," said Rep. McFarland.

The meeting starts Thursday at 1:30 p.m. and will be held at the Sarasota County Commission chambers.