Gwen Graham makes last-minute push for votes at Tampa church

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With election day less than two days away, several candidates for statewide office were in the Tampa area looking for votes.

Gwen Graham, Democratic candidate for governor, was at St. John’s Cathedral taking part in the church’s “Souls to the Polls” day. The event is aimed at increasing voter turnout among the members of the congregation and gives politicians a chance to campaign one-on-one. 

“Face-to-face is always the best,” said Walter Shaw, a member of the church. “To be there and talk to that person, it means a whole lot.”

Walter Shaw also attends the church, he thinks the last-minute campaigning is the most important thing a candidate can do. 

“Sometimes that last-minute interview or last-minute one-on-one may sway a person that might have been thinking another way,” he said. “It’s always worth a shot, you never know.”

Sunday marked the last day for in-person voting before Tuesday’s primary election.