Haines City High School graduate inspires teens through music

Making music has always been a part of Izaak Davis’ life. He started rapping in elementary school. 

"It's always ran in the family,” Davis explained. “So, it was always there." 

The Haines City 2020 graduate decided to use his skills to make a song to help uplift his classmates when schools shut down early because of COVID-19. 

"This one situation got everybody riled up everybody like down you know," Davis said.

He called his musical effort "Class of 2020." He hopes his music video hits the right note with his peers. "I just wanted to be inspirational,” Davis shared. “I wanted to inspire some people. Not just my class of 2020 but my whole county." 

Davis’ brother Brandon produced the song for him. 

"With him coming up with this song so fast and having the content that he came with I was very excited and actually surprise," his brother said.

Davis has a simple but powerful message for teens. 

"Life has a lot of knocks. It knocks you down so after it knocks you down you get up dust yourself off and you keep on moving." 

Davis is striking the right cord to help his fellow graduates have a positive outlook on life.