Happiness: Man on a mission to spread good vibes in Pinellas County

Paying someone a compliment, buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line -- little gestures go a long way to uplift your mood and the moods of others.

Gary King is doing that with one word, one sign at a time: "Happiness."

King has been hanging yellow and red “happiness” signs throughout Pinellas County.

“People see the sign and they’ll smile,” King told FOX 13.  

Gary has seen a lot of low points in life. He battled PTSD and lost his son to suicide.

“What would [my son] want me to do? He would want me to help people,” he said.

He was inspired after seeing a similar sign, so he had them made and has hung 11, so far.

Gary says he’s studied happiness, even writing a book about his journey. 

“They’ll remember a childbirth, they’ll remember a marriage, and chances are, they will not remember a bonus, a new car,” King said of the important moments in life.

Right now the signs can be seen throughout St. Petersburg and in Gulfport.