HART reroutes bus service after Seminole Heights murders

In the wake of the three killings perpetrated by the Seminole Heights Killer, HART has re-routed its route number 9, the one central to the deaths. HART made the move Friday amid growing concerns.

That detour will now take riders to Route 34- Hillsborough Avenue, Route 12- 22nd Street and or Route 32- MLK Boulvard, all between the hours of 7PM and 5AM.

For  some riders however, that means they may now be several blocks further away from their stop.  That could entail a longer walk, at night when the killer has struck.

"I have a daughter we visit my brother in this area he has a car he can always pick us up drop us off home, that's what he’s been doing the past couple days," said Essence Fuller.

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HART points out police have saturated South East Seminole Heights and will escort folks home if they need it.
Riders tell Fox 13 they’re doing what they can to stay safe.

"Just try to be around a lot of people where cars are seeing you, make sure there’s attention around keep your eyes open," said Adriana Arano.