Help to keep New Year's resolutions

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Every year millions of Americans make promises, but did it's estimated 92% of people fail at keeping those new year resolutions.

FOX 13 is checking with the experts to help you become part of the other 8%.  First resolution: getting fit.

"Tampa is a great place we have kayaking beach running outside we have the best climate for all types of training," said Sebastian Ramirez.

Fitness and Nutrition expert Sebastian Ramirez recommends meal prepping, meaning having healthy meals ready ahead of time; and he says start out slowly, be sure to set achievable goals.

"It is a process you've got to enjoy the process you've got to know it takes hard work and effort," he said.

Another common resolution many give up on is saving money. recommends several tips, among them set a realistic savings goal.  From there track your spending, down to the last penny.  Once you've established that, then make a budget and stick to it.

Finally, a resolution that if kept could be lifesaving: quitting smoking.

"You need to start paying attention to how many cigarettes you smoke you need to cut back on that number some people quit cold turkey others that doesn't work," said Dr. Jeremy Gaies.

Dr. Gaies says whatever your resolution maybe making a real change starts with a real commitment.

"We know from a lot of years of research if you're not ready to make the change you're not going to make the change," he said.