Hernando Co. school board discusses cost-saving measures, including 4-day schedule

A four-day school week could be in Hernando County students' future.

In a recent, informal school board meeting, Superintendent John Stratton brought up the idea as a cost-saving strategy for the struggling school district.

Board members received a packet of preliminary information to begin looking into its benefits and implications.

"This can work in our favor to the public, saying we are looking at every avenue to save money, so we can move forward with our district," said Linda Prescott, vice-chair of the Hernando County School Board.

However, some board members were skeptical. Board Chair Susan Duval recalled the same idea being brought up years ago.

"It was a mess. It never even got off the ground here because of the parent family situations," Duval said.

According to Superintendent Stratton, the district could evaluate several options, for example, a four-day week all year round, or a four-day week for students and five-day week for staff.

Some parents said they're on board.

"I think it would be a good idea because [students] get an extra day to catch up on their homework, and be able to have a weekend, you know, to relax, and study more if they need to," said Lisa Marie Courtney.

Other parents argue a shorter school week brings all sorts of problems.

"I think they should keep it the way it is, it makes it easier for parents to work, and not have to spend extra money for daycare," said Jason Samulski.

Though the idea is simply being tossed around, one board member joked they would need a bigger venue for public input if the plan were to advance.