Hidden treasure: St. Pete estate sale reveals ultra-rare Pyrex mixing bowls

It’s everyone’s dream to realize something buried in a box in the attic is actually worth a lot of money.

It’s time to check your parents’ and grandparents’ cupboards.

A couple who sells estate items in St. Petersburg listed a set of Pyrex mixing bowls on eBay for a client with a starting bid of $9.99.

When they check the listing later that day, they did not expect to see bids approaching $10,000.

They soon discovered the set of four turquoise Pyrex mixing bowls, painted with white daisies, may be one of the rarest Pyrex sets ever made.

The original listing from Castaway Estate Sales said “local purchases only,” but that quickly changed when bids came in from around the world.

Bidding ends Friday, October 31 at 10 a.m. EDT.