Hillel Academy in top 10 percent of private schools

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Special honors and congratulations go out to Hillel Academy, where they just received some exciting news.

The K-8 private school received a very special honor. They scored in the top 10 percent of all private schools in the nation.

Students are taught to stretch their minds at Hillel Academy in Tampa.

Gordon Rode is the Head of the School.

"I was very pleasantly surprised that we were so high," Rode said.

The school attributes its success to small class sizes.

"You get more of a one-on-one," student Cassandra Glidden said.

"The teachers, they, like, get to know you," student Sam Foreman said.

The hands-on, intimate approach to learning goes beyond the classroom.

"We like go to Israel in the 8th grade, which is really cool," Cassandra added. "I think most schools don't really do that."

Students are taught the importance of having high expectations in the classroom.

"So that they can see a day without learning something new is a wasted day," Rode explained.

Students learn to value education with concern and compassion for others.