Hillsborough arsonists left anti-Trump message

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Neighbors in a community in the east Tampa area, near Mango, woke up Monday to some jarring political vandalism that included at least one attempted arson.

Hillsborough County deputies said they received a call at around 12:15 a.m. about a fire at a mobile home on Bryan Road.

"My husband came out at about 1:00 to have a cigarette before bed and noticed the inside of the house is glowing orange and it's on fire," said Deidra Russell, whose husband then called 911. "I don't like him smoking cigarettes but I'm really lucky he went and had one because, if not, he was going to bed. We would have never known."

Investigators said the same criminals are believed to have vandalized two other homes with anti-Donald Trump graffiti, including a message that read, "burn everything."

"That's not a form of protest. That's a form of criminal acts and that's the way we treat it. These houses were vacant, fortunately, but there were also houses right next, within the vicinity, that were not vacant," said Hillsborough County Detective Larry McKinnon.

Some neighbors said this makes them want to move; others are concerned the criminals will try again.

"I'm also afraid, I thought they would come back last night, maybe tonight, because they didn't get to accomplish what they wanted," Russell said. "We got on top of the fire. The fire department was out here, it's out, the house is still standing and they keep coming back so they're clearly not satisfied. So now I have to worry about our safety. What if it's our house next?"

Russell said she's not sure why someone would target their community. She told FOX 13 no one there is politically outspoken and there weren't any signs posted in yards during the campaign.

Anyone with information should call the sheriff's office.