Hillsborough Community College gives personal touch to higher education

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They've been around for half a century helping students reach their educational goals.

Hillsborough Community College's commitment to helping students in the Bay Area is what's right with Tampa Bay.

Pre-med student Estpfany Riva-Ortiz is having academic success at Hillsborough Community College.

"It been an amazing time here and I'm prepared to move to the next step," she said.

HCC has a 50-year history preparing students for life. HCC's Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations Ashley Carl couldn't be prouder.

"We have incredible services to make sure that you stay on the pathway to complete whatever it is that you came to HCC for," Carl said.

HCC was founded in 1968 with just over 1,600 students. Tuition was only $7 for one credit hour.

"We have come a long way, now serving over 45,000 students this year," Carl said.

The school's personal touch with faculty and students is the key to the institution's success.

"I think when you have smaller classroom size and have that personal attention you are not as intimidated, you're not afraid to ask questions," she added.

The HCC family has touched many lives.

"Whether you go to a doctor's office and you have a nurse taking care of you, whether you go and get your car repaired, whether you have a firefighter, or police officer responding to a need, HCC has likely trained those that are affecting your daily life," Carl said.