Historic Henry B. Plant Museum hidden treasure of Tampa

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The historic Henry B. Plant Museum, with its iconic minarets, nestled right in the heart of the University of Tampa.

It's located in the 1891 Tampa Bay Hotel. Henry Plant, who was building railroads, steamships, and hotels, invested more than $2 million in the hotel.

"The hotel consist of artifacts, artwork, furniture, objects that were in the hotel when it open. So all the things you see around you as you explore the hotel are close to one-hundred and thirty years old now," said Lindsay Huban, media relations coordinator for the museum.

The hotel was one of the best places to stay in the Tampa Bay area. Many famous people were guest at the hotel.

"People like Booker T. Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Claire Barton they were all guest at the hotel," Lindsay said. "This place is definitely one of the hidden treasures in Tampa. This little museum will give you a glimpse into Tampa's past that you might not know a lot about."