Hit-and-run crash caused motorcyclist's fatal fall from overpass, troopers say

A motorcyclist died when he was ejected over the side wall of Interstate 4 onto the roadway below Friday afternoon. Now, the Florida Highway Patrol says the motorcyclist was part of a hit-and-run crash with another motorcycle.

Troopers say it appears two motorcyclists, one carrying a passenger, were headed west on Interstate 4. The motorcycle with the passenger hit the second motorcycle, sending the second driver into the interstate wall and then over the side.

That driver, 35-year-old Eric L. Jordan of Riverview, fell about 100 feet, landing on 50th Street.

The other motorcyclist and his passenger, 30-year-old Amy Jones of Dover, stopped. However, troopers say, the driver fled, leaving Jones at the scene. 

The view from SkyFOX showed a Holiday Inn Express near the location where the driver landed. The motorcycle was parked next to some police vehicles on the interstate above.

FHP asks anyone who may know anything about either driver or the crash to call 813-558-1800 or *347.