Hook-up apps linked to rise in STD's

Internet dating used to be taboo, but these days it's easy to find people who've turned to the web and social media apps to make a love connection.

"You see somebody your attracted to, you press their picture, it comes up, you say hello, they say hello, you go from there," Kereem Hatcher said. When asked if it making hooking up easier, he said, "Yeah!"

Nationwide the rates of sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise. A recent warning put out by the state of Rhode Island pointed to in part: "High-risk behaviors that have become more common in recent years." That includes the use of social media to arrange causal and sometimes anonymous sex.

Apps like Tinder and Grinder are a few of the popular ones.

"I'm in college. I know a lot of people who meet through tinder hookups," said Brooke Spence.

Ulyee Choe heads up the Health Department in Polk County. He says, "What we're seeing in the state and in Polk County is increasing rates of STD's which mirror the rates of national trends. The highest impacted demographic is the 15 to 24-year-olds."

Ulyee Choe points to a several factors including so-called "hook-up" apps. He recommends abstinence and safe-sex practices to avoid catching anything.