How to avoid online Cyber Monday scams

Online shopping has been the go-to for many shoppers throughout the pandemic. Almost anything you can think of is only a click away, and that’s why this Cyber Monday it’s important to stay hyper-aware.

“Online purchase scams have actually been the most risky scam the past three years in a row, and because more people are going to be purchasing products online, scammers are going to up their game,” said Bryan Oglesby with the Better Business Bureau of West Florida. 

Scammers know Cyber Monday is the day thousands of people will be entering sensitive information into their computers as they rush to snag the best deal, and scammers are on the hunt for their next victim. 

“Know who it is you’re doing business with. Go separately to a different website, research that company name or that offer being made, and add the word complaint or scam and see what others are saying about that business,” said Oglesby. 

In addition to knowing where you’re actually shopping, know what you were shopping for. If that deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

“When it comes to low prices and deals that are too good to be true, this is where consumers are falling victim,” explained Oglesby. “They see that great price, they act on it quickly, they click on that link, and they go to a landing page. They don’t know who it is they’re doing business with.”

Even if you are confident your purchases are legit, how you pay for those items could give you an extra layer of protection.

“Anytime you make purchases online, the best protection is to use a credit card and make that purchase through your credit card,” Oglesby explained. 

As more people shop online, the scams get better and harder to spot. Even those who consider themselves professional online shoppers should still stay on guard.

“We shouldn’t just click and buy on the greatest deal that we see,” said Oglesby. “We want to stop for a minute, think about the offer that’s been made.”

Click here for more information on how to avoid scams this Cyber Monday.


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