How you can update your look for the springtime

You don't have to pay runway prices to get a fashion makeover.

Tamy Lugo of VStylist said updating your look for spring is just a matter of adding some key pieces to your wardrobe.

First there's color.             

"Warm toned pieces which are really going to be trending. You can do all monotone which is all the one color, you know, by wearing it with a dress or a jumpsuit," said Lugo.

Or you could go in the other direction. 

"Vibrant colors are going to be a big trend, Very, very bright tones. The brighter that you can make it the better it is for spring," said Lugo.

Lugo said satin and sheer will also be big along with "very renaissance style sleeves.”

And then there's the key kicks. 

"You're going to want to wear white shoes and you're going to do animal prints too. There's going to be a variety of prints like snake print, leopard print," said Lugo.

Accessories can make a difference too.  

"Purses with fringe, you know, fun details, flirty and edgy. Also earrings with fringe as well, tassels," said Lugo. 

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