Humane Society of Tampa Bay continues to accept animals during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the closure of many businesses across the Tampa Bay area. However, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay is one local organization that remains open. 

The shelter's CEO Sherry Silk told FOX 13 the shelter is open for adoptions and intakes. 

"Our hospital is open. You just have to wait longer. We have people waiting in cars. We only bring so many in," said Sherry. "It's a challenge but there's always a need. We are here to take care of them." 

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is one of the only local shelters that are still accepting animals and Sherry says they are getting a lot of strays. But the biggest need right now is animal food. 

"One of the saddest things is people coming to our intake desk and because people lost their jobs or got their hours cut, they can't afford food or to take care of their animals," said Sherry. 

Sherry said in the last two weeks, HSTB has given away more pet food than ever before and they are running low on supplies. Fortunately, there are ways the community can help. 

The shelter is asking for pet food donations. You can drop it off outside the shelter. Donations are also accepted online. 

"No one wants to give up their pet. You lost your job, your miserable, you certainly don't want to give up your pet," said Sherry. 

LINK: For more information on donations, head over to the shelter's website.