Husband supports wife through labor with encouraging words: ‘You'll be the most amazing mother'

(Kendall Caver - Facebook)

This dad came to the hospital prepared to motivate his wife during the delivery of their rainbow baby.

Jasmin Caver was in labor for two days but thanks to her hubby, she found the strength and support she needed to get through it.

In a touching viral video uploaded to Kendall Caver’s Facebook page, the supportive husband stood by his wife’s bedside, flashing encouraging words to help her through labor.

With each turn of the page, Kendall tells the story on how the couple met in college and the trials the pair has faced over the past 10 years.

“When people ask me how we made it this far, I tell them a lot of prayer. A lot of patience. A few rough times. She gets me.”

Kendall goes on to tell how the couple had a previous miscarriage but that Jasmin will be the most amazing mother.

As a gentle reminder to his “warrior wife” Kendall made sure to incorporate ‘breathe, just like we practiced’ throughout the sequence of words.

To date, the video has over 2 million views and 53,000 shares.

After a lot of pushing, and even more encouragement, the couple welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Sofia Isabel Caver.