Illegal mushroom grow operation found in apartment

When John Linn realized his Palencia Drive apartment had been broken into Wednesday he was livid!

"I wanted to try and track these people down, so I was looking for any kind of clue," he said.

His sleuthing led him over to his neighbor's house where the shattered backdoor there looked familiar.

"I talked to the sheriff's deputies and I said, hey the guy next door, they did the same thing," he said.

Now investigators were looking at Timothy Lizardi's apartment too, which was bad luck for him.

Investigators say they found an illegal mushroom growing operation inside.  Hillsborough Deputies say there were nearly 64 pounds of mushrooms growing inside, and 30 grams of picked mushrooms. They also found pot, three cell phones, a shotgun, and more than $3000 in cold hard cash.

"I was wondering why are they taking so long over there. What did they do, find Fort Knox over there or something?" said Linn.

Talk about a bad trip, Lizardi was booked on a bunch of serious drug charges.  

Fellow neighbors were clueless to it all.  "That's crazy I didn't even think stuff like that was going on," said Morgan Kennedy.

"For something like that to happen, wow, it's startling to say the least," said Linn.  

And it was all discovered by chance, with the help of a little personal detective work.

"Just so happens I noticed it before anyone else did. That was a shock," Linn said.