In wake of AstroWorld tragedy, experts say to have personal safety plan in place during large concerts

There’s no shortage of concerts with big names that make stops here in the Bay Area. After watching tragedy play out at the AstroWorld venue over the weekend, experts say no matter how well an event was organized, you are still your best form of protection when it comes to personal safety.

Investigations continue into the tragic events that unfolded at the AstroWorld festival after eight people died and dozens more were injured after being trampled as concertgoers pushed towards the stage.

Experts recommend implementing safety tips like staying towards the outer area of the audience where it’s less crowded, and it would be easier to get out if need be. They also say to avoid mosh pits and always have your wits about you by limiting substance use and staying aware of your surroundings.

But, most importantly, they say you need to continue standing because once you get on the ground, it’s hard to get back up. If you do find yourself on the ground, your best line of defense is to duck and cover by putting your hands over the back of your neck to protect your spine and head as much as possible.

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When it comes to the security side of things, experts say there should be plans in place to make sure crowds do not get out of hand like they did over the weekend.

Coming up with containment and evacuation plans and making sure there is enough security and EMS on site is all part what goes into preparing for big concerts and festivals.

While it’s unclear what exactly went wrong over the weekend, experts say it’s a perfect example of why it’s important to have your own plan in place.