Inexpensive, but beautiful, festive Thanksgiving centerpieces

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Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and making the most beautiful tablescape doesn't have to be expensive. 

Just a trip to the dollar store and items around the house, and even in your pantry or refrigerator, can make for colorful, festive centerpieces that will look as beautiful as the feast you're about to serve.

We used fruit, beans, candles, vases from home, and some ribbon to create three different, creative looks. 


First, for a centerpiece that can be used for both Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays, all you need are fresh cranberries and candles. (TOTAL COST: $9.50)

-Three bags of fresh cranberries (these were on sale two for $5 at the local grocery store)
-Three votive candles (we used white that were already in a little glass - 4 for $1 Dollar Store)
-Three short, round vases (from home)
-Decorative fall garland (dollar store)

Fill the short vase with cranberries just below the halfway mark. Put the candle in, on top of the cranberries, and arrange more cranberries around the candle in the vase to fill it a little more. Use some decorative fall garland (from the dollar store) to drape across the center of the table and arrange the vases on the table. (TOTAL COST: $7)

Second, two centerpieces using dried beans and candles made for a beautiful harvest look. You'll need: 

-Raffia (1 bag of fall colors for $1)
-Two medium sized vases (from home)
-Two short pillar candles (3x3 - fall colors, $1 each at dollar store)
-bag of green lentils ($1)
-bag of popping corn ($2)
-bag of dried red beans ($1)

Take several pieces of raffia (as much as you want) and tie it around the vase in a bow (trim the ends after tying in a bow.) Fill the vase 1/4 of the way with lentils, followed by a layer of popping corn, followed by a layer of red beans. Put the candle on top. 

Third, using fruit and some fall flowers or fake fall flowers from the dollar store, make one large centerpiece. (TOTAL COST: 7) You'll need:

-A bag of apples or you can use gourds ($3)
-Ribbon, raffia, or burlap ribbon ($1 or whatever you have at home)
-Fake fall flowers from the dollar store ($1 a bunch - we used 2)
-Two adorable mini scarecrows (2 for $1 at the dollar store)
-One large vase (from home)

Wrap the vase with ribbon and tie on a bow. Fill the vase with apples, gourds, pears, (your choice). Arrange the flowers in the vase behind the apples, and add the mini scarecrows! 

Your guests will enjoy your decor as much as the feast!