Infant critical, 90-year-old injured in 4-vehicle crash

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Five people, including an infant, were hurt Friday afternoon in a 4-vehicle crash in Hillsborough County.

The view from SkyFOX showed a vehicle in the middle of the road, turned on its side, with three other cars crunched together on the shoulder. Car parts and pieces littered the scene. 

Some of them landed in Rosa Guido's yard, including a muffler that landed in a tree. She heard the crash and ran outside to see if anyone needed help.  

“I saw a lady in one of the cars, and she was screaming for help,” said Guido. “Everybody tried to help her because she had a baby inside the car.”

Hillsborough County deputies said a driver ran a stop sign and T-boned an SUV on Van Dyke Road. A baby girl and her parents were inside the car.

“We help her. We take out the baby. Everybody tried to do CPR on the baby waiting for the paramedic coming,” said Guido.

But the jarring sound of clashing metal wasn’t over.

“That kind of caused a chain reaction of cars hitting one another, trying to avoid the crash, hitting the cars that came to a stop,” said Amanda Granit, a spokesperson with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

A total of four cars and eight people were involved. The baby suffered the most serious injuries. A 90-year-old was also injured.

Deputies spent hours taking photos and looking at debris to reconstruct the crash.

“That’s, of course, part of our investigation at this time, trying to figure out what caused that driver to go through the stop sign,” said Granit.

People who live in the area said they hope for the best.

“I hope everybody’s okay. Right now, I’m worried about the baby,” said Guido.

Deputies said the baby was in a car seat and properly strapped in, but the impact was very forceful. The driver who ran the stop sign also went to the hospital, and deputies are talking to that person to figure out what happened.