Injured dolphin known as 'Babyface' is a new mom

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A dolphin known as "Babyface" that was found with horrible injuries apparently by a boat propeller is not only thriving in the Gulf of Mexico, she also appears to be a new mom. 

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium first learned of Babyface in 2015 when they were called to help the dolphin, which appeared to be about 9 years old at the time and was a known resident in the John's Pass area.

She had several deep gashes that appeared to reach the bone, but scientists determined it was best to let her heal in her natural environment since she seemed to be traveling and foraging easily. 

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Earlier this year, a photographer caught a glimpse of the dolphin and found that her cuts have appeared to heal, with her scars making her easily identifiable. 

This week, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium posted an even more exciting update about Babyface: She was spotted swimming with her own baby calf. 

Lesley Ferguson took a photo of the two swimming together side by side.

"Despite the extensive injuries that she has suffered, Babyface seems to be thriving and is a proud mother to this adorable calf!" the Clearwater Marine Aquarium said.