Inside the Tervis Tumbler factory

They're famous across the country but they're based right here in Tampa Bay. Tervis Tumbler’s headquarters in north Venice is also home to their expanding factory.

The company got its start in 1946 in Detroit, then moved to Florida in the 1960s. They’ve been making the classic insulated cup here ever since, now with 700 employees.

“It was started by two engineers who decided if they put two pieces of plastic together and seal it, it would keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold,” production technical supervisor Terry Alderman explained.

The brand's name came from the last three letters of those original engineers' names, Cutter and Davis.

"There is no Mr. Tervis," offered Harper Bean, who heads the company's e-commerce unit.

Alderman demonstrated their proprietary manufacturing process during a recent tour, pausing in front of the ultrasonic welding machine.

“Our secret weapon comes down and it vibrates thousands of times per second, which creates friction, which seals the cup together,” she explained.

Just a few miles from that factory is a store, which used to be the site of the original factory. Visitors can custom-make their own tumbler.

Bean says customers appreciate that Tervis Tumblers are made in America and come with a lifetime warranty. The company has dozens of Tervis stores across the country and the tumblers are also available at major retailers.

The company's newest products include wine glasses, sippy cups for toddlers, and metal insulated cups, which are a popular trend right now.