Instafamous: Pop stars help budding Valrico singer gain attention online

The Tampa Bay area has its share of talented performers and a Valrico fourth-grader is adding her name to the list at a young age.

Azzy Brooks is 9-years-old, but her videos on Instagram have already captured the attention of some big pop stars.

Azzy dresses in elaborate costumes and records videos of herself performing covers of some of the most popular songs. When most kids get home, they grab a video game or play outside. Azzy heads straight to her music room.

"I go straight to my keyboard, my ukulele, or my brother's drums," she says with a smile. "I hear music all the time. It's all I want to do."

Her mom says she started singing in the bathtub at 2 years old.

"She had great pitch and we knew right there she had something," says Heather Brooks.

Her mom plays a big role in Azzy’s videos, designing and sewing all of her costumes. She makes look-a-like costumes for some of Azzy's idols - like Lady Gaga and BeBe Rexa, both of whom have taken notice.          

Lady Gaga shared on Instagram a video clip of Azzy in her Lady Gaga costume and BeBe Rexa shared a clip of Azzy singing one of her covers. Those major celebrity stamps-of-approval can generate a whirlwind of attention and likes.

"It was so awesome and I just love [BeBe] so much. It was so nice how she did that. She's so nice and caring," Azzy tells FOX 13's Mark Wilson.

Azzy has her own official Facebook and Instagram pages, but fans have started making pages to share her work, too.

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Azzy has a few more covers she wants to produce but she's also heading into the studio with a producer to work on some original songs.

"I just hope, in a few more years, I'm gonna be up there, like as big as Lady Gaga or BeBe Rexa. That's what I really hope," she says with a smile.         

Azzy is ambitious, indeed, but she has a great start.

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