Investigators search for four involved in strip club fight

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Pinellas County detectives are continuing to search for four persons of interest who, they say, were involved in a physical fight that injured a 35-year-old woman.

The fight occurred outside Oz Gentleman’s Club in Clearwater. According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Sonny Mendoza, and his girlfriend, Kara Thobe, were ordering food outside the establishment in the early morning hours of Monday. Two unknown women walked outside and the pair “exchanged words,” according to witnesses, then they walked back into the club.

According to detectives, the women walked back outside with two unidentified males. More arguing occurred, then a physical fight ensued.

Investigators say surveillance video shows the altercation. Mendoza is seen fighting the two men, then throws Thobe to the ground, where she struck her head. He is seen repeatedly slamming Thobe’s head into the cement. 

Mendoza has since been arrested and allegedly told detectives he mistook Thobe for one of the unidentified males.

Officials released surveillance photos of the two men and two females from the club. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective James Upton at (727) 582-6321.