Is this Tampa's most expensive man cave?

Guys, isn't it a dream to have your own "man cave?"

It could have a poker table, big-screen TV’s and maybe even a beer tap. In Tampa, you can actually live in one.

It sits high above downtown on the 19th floor of Grand View. It's up for rent, being dubbed "The Ultimate Man Cave."

When it comes to downtown Tampa rent, you'll see $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 -- but, what about $15,000 a month? We had to see why.

Once the elevator reveals the 19th floor, you might mistake it for a subway station.

But, make no mistake. This is stop number one inside the "Ultimate Man Cave."

"It is the ultimate man cave," explained Real Estate Consultant Joe Lauck of Keller Williams South Tampa. "The owner bought this place and completely gutted it and turned it into his image or his vision."

It comes complete with a humidor, kegorator, movie theater, heart-shaped Jacuzzi and plenty of space to play, with everything from a granite-topped poker table to a massive bar room shuffleboard.

If you're planning a little get-together, you have almost 4,000 square feet to work with.

The million-dollar view may just be worth the rent costing a cool $15,000 a month.

It's a Tampa Bay panorama from the Hard Rock to Port Tampa Bay to MacDill to St. Petersburg.

"And, obviously, great sunsets," Lauck added.

But it's what you can't see that really makes this one-of-a-kind. A hidden door leads to a second bedroom, or as it is now, a private dojo and sword throwing wall.

"I would say, in my career, I have never seen this before in somebody's house," Lauck laughed.

One-of-a-kind comes at a cost. So, who is the target audience?

"This is an environment for someone let's say that is going to be in Tampa for a year and going to be establishing certain business connections and doing a level of business that requires a level of entertaining," Lauck said. "We are constantly, as realtors, always working with people from Europe but also from Asia. This could easily suit one of them."

At a time like this, a renaissance of growth in downtown Tampa, there's no shortage of people looking for a front row seat.

This place is not only up for rent, you can buy, as well, for a price around $2.5 million.

For learn more about property, you can contact Joe Lauck at 813-875-3700 or