It’s a ‘buyer’s market’ for jobs seekers as unemployment rate continues to drop

Those in the market for a new job may have the pick of the litter as economic factors improve. 

The latest jobs report shows the national unemployment rate has dropped to 3.6 percent, nearly a pre-pandemic low. 

A person is counted as unemployed if they're out of a job but able to work and have been actively looking for at least the last four weeks. 

In Florida, the latest figures show the unemployment rate is slightly better at 3.3 percent. Career Source Tampa Bay President John Flanagan says right now - it's really a 'buyer’s market" so to speak, for job seekers. 

"By having a good interview, from a job seeker's perspective, talk about the value you bring to the organization. It’s not why you want the job, it's why should hire me," Flanagan said. 

As economic factors continue to improve, some people like Timothy Redden, 56, hope they'll finally get their shot at getting back to work. He says, in part, his age has made it harder. 

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"I’m a veteran, and it’s hard to find jobs," Reden said. "It is really hard, when you’re my age because they don’t expect you to work too much longer." 

Overall, the biggest gains in the job market have been in the fields of hospitality, business services, retail and manufacturing.