Jennifer Race looking for attorney

David Lockhart believes Jennifer Race is playing the justice system.

"I do believe she's winning," said Lockhart.

Back in October of  2015, prosecutors say Race was involved in a hit and run crash that killed David's 83-year-old father, Lawrence Lockhart. 

There's  surveillance video from a gas station showing Race hitching a ride away from the scene.

"I just want to get it behind us. I re-live it every month, sometimes twice a month depending on the next day they schedule.

It's been going on for more than two years.

Last February, Race surprised the court by backing out of a plea deal at the last minute and firing her attorney on the spot.

Judge Tom Barber was not happy.

"You don't have a right to manipulate the legal system and play games with it," said Barber.

Weeks later, while out on bail Race showed up late to hearings, repeatedly.

Judge Barber ended that.

"It's not the first time she hasn't shown up on time she's going to jail," ordered Barber.

And minutes later a deputy was motioning her to get up then came the handcuffs. She blamed her attorney, traffic and her kids for her tardiness.

"I had to drop off my children at school we recently moved so we live a little further," said Race.

Judge Barber didn't buy it and kept her locked up. And then came the parade of attorneys who Race has hired then fired.

Two years later, the case has hit the re-set button five times. Lockhart wonders when does it end.

"He had said that he will not let her fire another attorney so I hope he sticks to that," said Lockhart.