Jill Boone's accused killer sentenced to 30 years

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Jill Rae Boone took her last breath in the parking lot of bowling alley in Temple Terrace. Hillsborough prosecutors say her boss, Johnny Alicea shot her dead in broad daylight.

Prosecutor Stephen Udagawa said Alicea confronted Jill in a parking lot in August of 2015 - and it got physical right away.

"The defendant pushed her and a struggle ensued. The defendant then raised a pistol fired it at the victim two times... After he shot her, he shot himself in the mouth then collapsed," said Udagawa.

Jill's mother, Donna Vasapolli has been heartbroken ever since.

"People say, 'You gotta move on from this.' There is no moving on. There's only a day-by-day that you maybe get better at handling it," said Vasapolli.

Now, 15 months after the crime, Alicea has agreed to skip a trial and take a deal from the state. Under the deal, Alicea pleads guilty to second degree murder and will spend the next three decades in prison.

Prosecutors were set to go to trial next week. They had lined up witnesses who saw the shooting and the jury would have seen it, too - on surveillance video from a nearby business.

But it was a question by Hillsborough Judge Christopher Sabella that revealed a bombshell in the case.

"Was the victim known to the defendant?" asked Sabella.

Udagawa said they did know each other and added, "according to the victims mother, he was introduced to the victim as her employer, but through other evidence, potential evidence, it can be shown were more like lovers, in some sense," said Udagawa.

Alicea has a wife, who continues to stand by his side, and kids who wont see their dad for the next 30 years.

Jill Rae Boone left behind a daughter, now 5-years-old, who will never see her mother again. Alicea's 30-year sentence will be followed by 10 years probation.