Judge: Accused hit-and-run killer not competent for trial

The parents of defendant Mikese Morse held hands and said a little prayer in court Monday just before hearing the news they've been months to hear: Hillsborough Circuit Judge Mark Kiser concluded Morse is unfit to stand trial.

"I will find that he is not competent to proceed and I will order him to Florida State Hospital to receive
competency restoration training," said Judge Kiser.

Months earlier, another doctor came to the same conclusion. The case stalled for months after Morse refused to meet with a second doctor. But last week, Judge Kiser ordered the doctor talk to jail medical staff who have been observing Morse's behavior for months.

Now that two doctors have found Morse unfit, Judge Kiser ordered him to a state hospital for treatment – treatment Morse's parents say is long overdue.

“We are so happy that we can finally get our son the medical treatment we have been trying over a decade to get him," said his mother, Khadeeja Morse. 

Morse is accused of mowing down and killing a father bike riding with his two boys.  He then went on social media and said the devil made him do it.

But weeks before the fatal crash Morse walked into a police substation and asked for help.  He told the officer he would hurt someone if he were allowed to leave.  He was Baker Acted but eventually released. 

Weeks later, investigators say, he intentionally ran over a father of two.

During one of his court appearances, Morse had an outburst, confessing to another mystery crime. "I committed a murder,” he claimed.

Khadeeja Morse says the family has been trying for years to get their son the treatment he needs, but they say the system failed him time and time again. 

"People need to remember this is a medical condition just like diabetes or heart disease or cancer. But we wouldn’t wait that long for someone to get that kind of treatment. Yet this is what we had to endure five months,” a tearful Khadeeja added.