Kathleen couple hopes to return decades-old wedding photo found after tornado

Amid the trail of debris left behind a tornado that tore through the Polk County town of Kathleen Friday, a couple found a timeless item they hope to reunite with its rightful owner.  

Wayne and Marianne Diehl found an old wedding photograph tangled in their fence. In it, a couple shares their first kiss after saying 'I do.'

“My wife and I have been married quite a long time, and I think it would be nice to have it back if somebody found it,” said Wayne Diehl.  

The photograph was soaking wet, torn at the edges, and covered in grass, but its value is priceless.  

 “It’s kind of beat up, but it still probably means something to them,” said Diehl.  

The Diehls believe it belongs to someone close by.  

“Somebody who was born and raised here, since the pictures were taken here in Kathleen,” said Marianne Diehl. 

A stamp on the back of the photograph says it was taken in 1966 and printed by a studio on Kathleen Road, in Lakeland, Florida. 

Marianne says she plans to keep the photo until she finds its owner, but hopes word about it spreads quickly.

“It would be nice if the owners would be found,” she said.