Kids celebrate International Music Day with unfamiliar instruments

Kids and their parents love classes at Music with Mar and last Sunday’s International Kid’s Music Day was no different.

Bay Area musicians joined children and their families to learn, play and bond.

Some instruments were ones the kids had never seen, like the mandolin, fiddle, banjo, and a djembe drum.

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International Kids Music Day was created to make people aware of the importance of keeping music the schools. This year, the children got a hands-on look at the instruments and explored the different sounds they create.

Maryann Harman, the founder of Music with Mar, says children that are introduced to music at a young age progress more quickly than others.

“Music lays the foundation for all the skills that are needed for higher-level learning. So it’s important for parents to have activities like this where they can see their child who had not been talking before the class, now they’re speaking.”

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