Killer remains at large in Seminole Heights murders

Nakeshia Brown took a cross-country flight from Las Vegas to say goodbye to her brother, Benjamin Mitchell one final time.

"To have to say goodbye to my brother like this, this is heartbreaking," she said. "It's very, very hard on the family."

"He didn't deserve this. My brother didn't hurt anybody."

Making things more difficult, the families of Mitchell and Monica Hoffa have no answers. There are no suspects and no motive. Tampa Police believe the murders are connected becuase both were killed within days of each other, and just blocks apart.

Mitchell's family demands his killer turn himself in.

"He was lovable," said Brown. "For the person to take his life like this, you're heartless and you need to turn yourself in. You really need to turn yourself in."

TPD has upped its presence throughout Seminole Heights. They're asking residents to never walk alone, and to turn on outdoor lights. It's also meeting with local businesses to help ensure the safety of employees and customers.

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"I like that businesses are meeting, that we're taking action," said Aric Parker with Southern Brewing in southeast Seminole Heights. "We have panic buttons ready to go. We make sure that the employees are really close by, that we're prepared and we have cameras set up."

Southern Brewing has panic buttons placed in every corner of its business. In an emergency, a simple push of the button alerts police.

"It's always within reach no matter what happens,"said Parker.

Meanwhile, Tampa Police and businesses have held meetings to discuss employee and customer safety.

"There's always the fear that something else is going to happen," said Kimberly Overman, President of the Heights Urban Core Chamber. "That's part of the reason why we've advised them to be super vigilant and raise the awareness of their clientele and their employees to be aware of their surroundings so that they stay safe."