Labyrinth Studios: Analog art for a digital world

We live in a digital world but some folks are still about the old way of doing things. At Labyrinth Studios in Tampa, they are resurrecting an ancient art form.

Labyrinth is part of the community maker space in 11 Studios, sitting alongside retail galleries, print shops and art studios.

Ali Norman showed us how they use some of the oldest techniques for printing, including etching, lithography, and letterpress.

Etching at Labyrinth Studios

"Hard ground cover etching is a process that hasn't really changed much since the 1600s. It's really fascinating," Norman explained. "It's still a relatively antiquated process, and we still do it the old-fashioned way."

Labyrinth Studios hopes to keep ancient artforms alive, passing the techniques and traditions to new generations.

Labyrinth Studios

"We live in this incredibly technological world right now and people find a lot of comfort in the tactile, analog nature of something, where you're working with metal and machinery and paper and there's this beautiful, tangible realness to it," Norman said.

If you feel like stepping out of your digital world and going analog, Labyrinth Studios offers a variety of art classes. You can find out more online at

Labyrinth Studios

Labyrinth Studios