Lakeland bakery working overtime to fulfill cruffin cravings

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The line wrapped around the block at the Born and Bread Bakehouse. Step-by-step, people inched closer to the one thing they all wanted.

They're called Cruffins - a trendy new baked goodie that is becoming the 'in' munchie.

A cruffin is a cross between a croissant and a muffin and comes in a variety of flavors: milk and honey, berry, apple fritter, and more.

In one word, “Delicious,” said Ryan Neal.

Jen Smurr, the owner of the Bake Shop says she knew people would want to stock up on their cruffins the day before Thanksgiving. So as she and her staff whipped up pastries for the day - about 3,600 in total - they made plenty of extra cruffins.

“We pulled several overnighters,” she told FOX 13. “We were here last night at 8:45 and never stopped baking.”

The first cruffins were baked by a woman in Melbourne, Australia. They apparently had the right stuff, because they took off and have now become an international favorite.

At Born and Bread, they sell for about $4 each.

Many people were walking out with a bagful. Even though Smurr tried to prepare the best she could for the onslaught, she ran out.

Robert Tucker specifically came for cruffins, but by the time he got inside, they were gone.

But there were still other baked goods on the shelves.

“They still have some stuff, and it’s going to be amazing anyway,” he said.