Lakeland mobile home community clubhouse engulfed in flames: LFD

A fire broke out at Hickory Hills Manor Mobile Home Community on Wednesday night, according to officials.

The Lakeland Fire Department (LFD) says they responded to 1601 Josephine Street around 10 p.m. to fight the fire that started in the community's clubhouse.

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An investigation revealed that the fire started in the clubhouse kitchen and spread through the building and into the attic. Officials say the cause of the fire was an unattended oven range that was left on.

Seven LFD units, one Polk County Fire Rescue medic unit and Lakeland Police Department officers responded to the scene, according to authorities.

First responders say no firefighters were injured.

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Firefighters say statistics reveal that cooking is the primary cause of fires.

Having an increased awareness during holiday preparations, like taking precautions and ensuring nothing is left unattended, is key to avoiding fires, according to officials.

According to the Lakeland Fire Department, everyone should prioritize kitchen safety during the holiday season.

"Being fire-safe, monitoring appliances, and coordinating tasks in the kitchen collectively contribute to a secure and enjoyable holiday. Let this incident serve as a reminder to keep our celebrations filled with joy, warmth, and perfectly cooked dishes while ensuring the safety of our homes and loved ones," said LFD officials.